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An organisational psychologist, futurist and speaker who helps decision-makers transform uncertainty into a strategic advantage

"Graham turned the daunting concept of rapid change into an actionable plan." 

UK Atomic Energy Authority



Get ahead of change. Take control of the future. 

How your mind handles uncertainty is central to how effective you are as a decision-maker. 

Strategic Decisions Amid Deep Uncertainty


In a rapidly evolving business landscape, decision-makers face a torrent of novel challenges. From adapting to technological advancements to leading through organisational change, preparing for an uncertain future is a daunting task. 


Missed Opportunities, Unseen Risks


Amid this relentless pace of change, the challenges can leave even the most seasoned leaders feeling overwhelmed. The pressure to innovate, while maintaining stability, can create a paradox that stifles growth and adaptability. In such a climate, traditional leadership and decision-making approaches often fall short.


Moving Forward with Conviction


With a deep understanding of change, uncertainty and adaptability, Graham equips leaders to navigate technological changes with ease, embrace market uncertainties, and lead organisational transformations confidently. 

His unique approach reframes uncertainty as an opportunity, enabling leaders to think deeply into the future and make better decisions. By partnering with Graham, you can cultivate a resilient, future-ready workforce, and foster a culture of innovation that thrives in the face of change.


Embrace the future with Graham – where uncertainty becomes your strongest ally in the journey towards long-term success.



Working with Graham couldn't be easier. He is adaptable in how he applies his academic research and practical experience to creating memorable experiences for your audience or team.  


A truly transformative experience for audiences of decision-makers at all organizational levels.


Inspiring off-sites, workshops and seminars that help teams break through their established modes of thinking. Applying the latest research to understanding the emerging risks and opportunities for your organization. 

About Me

I've worked with some of the biggest companies on the planet, and some you've never heard of. 

"He has a real passion for his field which made his speech incredibly meaningful and impactful to the audience." 


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