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Why work with Graham


  • Easy to work with and a real collaborator 

  • Personally attends briefing calls

  • Tailored speeches for your unique audience

  • Innovative approach to encouraging smarter ways of thinking 

  • Delivers unique insights based on the latest research​ and evocative storytelling 


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Popular Topics

The most important thing you do every day is make decisions, and all decisions are about the future. In this transformative keynote, Graham inspires the audience to discover the futurist within them so they can unlock for themselves the mysteries of the future and think more strategically.     


By the end, your audience will:

  • Understand the challenges of futures thinking 

  • Appreciate the futurist skills they already have

  • Possess the tools to create more ambitious futures

Mastering Your Futurist Mindset

Staying Motivated Amid Uncertainty

Don’t let fear of the unknown eat away at the confidence of your teams and sabotage their productivity. Based on his research into change and adaptability, Graham turns around attitudes to uncertainty so participants feel driven to start creating more ambitious futures for themselves and their organisations. 


By the end, your audience will:

  • Understand the sources of uncertainty 

  • Have created compelling visions of the future 

  • Feel motivated to realise those visions 

Change can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to paralyse your organisation and fuel staff turnover. Based on his research into change and adaptability in knowledge workers, Graham has developed a unique way of analysing the impact of transitions on individuals and teams so they can shift their mindsets from victims to agents of change.   


By the end, your audience will:

  • Understand how our minds respond to change 

  • Start capitalising on the benefits of change

  • Feel confident about the future

Wellbeing for Future-Fit Teams

Leading Through Change

External change driven by technology or internal change driven by reorganisation both present significant challenges to even the most battle-hardened leader. Graham’s inspiring talk applies the psychological principles of change so participants at all organisational levels feel empowered to lead with confidence through transitions.


By the end, your audience will:

  • Be able to view change from several key perspectives

  • Start executing change initiatives with newfound confidence

  • Feel more confident leaders of themselves as well as others

You need to understand the trends impacting your industry so that you feel in control of your future. Utilising the Shaping Tomorrow platform, Graham can provide bespoke insights on the outlook for your organisation that go beyond the conventional thinking.    


By the end, your audience will:

  • Understand the drivers of change in the future 

  • Employ a framework on the implications of change 

  • Feel inspired by the opportunities

The Future of...

"His content was insightful and thought-provoking and his delivery attention-grabbing and memorable. Delegates came away enthused, excited and energised, ready for a day discussing their business challenges." 

Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply

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