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Working With Graham

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Dr. Graham Norris is an organisational psychologist and futurist, specialising in adaptability and strategic foresight. He helps decision-makers navigate technological changes and uncertainty, focusing on long-term strategies and innovation. His expertise combines psychology with practical tools for future readiness and competitive advantage.

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Dr. Graham Norris, an organisational psychologist and futurist, specialises in helping leaders navigate rapid change and uncertainty. With a focus on adaptability and strategic foresight, he guides decision-makers through technological shifts and market unpredictability. His work blends psychological research with practical futurist tools, aiding in crafting resilient strategies and innovative approaches. Graham's insights empower leaders to transform challenges into opportunities for long-term success.

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Dr. Graham Norris is an organisational psychologist and futurist, specialising in adaptability and strategic foresight amid uncertainty. His work centres on helping leaders navigate rapid technological changes, market unpredictability, and organisational restructuring. Graham combines psychological insights with futurist methodologies to aid decision-makers in crafting robust, long-term strategies and fostering innovation. His approach transforms perceived threats into opportunities, emphasizing the development of future-ready workforces and resilient organisational cultures. Renowned for his ability to translate cutting-edge research into actionable plans, Graham empowers leaders to achieve competitive advantage and operational effectiveness.

Speaker Introduction

Please use this introduction, rather than the bio:

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to journey into the future with our next speaker at [insert event name here].

Graham Norris is not your average psychologist. He's also a futurist who's mastered the art of adapting to change, making the future less of a mystery and more of an adventure.

He’s worked at and with multinationals and non-profits around the world, and draws on this experience to fuel his research into change, uncertainty and decision-making.

When it comes to the future, he believes that if you’re not confused, you’re not paying attention.

Here to help you see through the confusion, let's give a warm [insert event name here] welcome to Dr. Graham Norris!


A/V Requirements

To ensure consistent quality, Graham uses his own equipment and will display visuals through Prezi or Powerpoint on a MacBook Pro designed for a 16x9 screen. He will bring cables and a clicker, promoting effortless integration with any event setup. 

What he will need from you:

  • Wireless microphone

  • Access to power for his laptop

  • Projection equipment with HDMI input & cable

  • Some time to conduct a tech check before the start

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