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"He has a real passion for his field which made his speech incredibly meaningful and impactful to the audience."

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Dr. Graham Norris is an organisational psychologist and futurist who specialises in how we think about the future. His research focuses on change and adaptability in knowledge workers and how they can overcome the psychological challenges of uncertainty. He works mainly with decision-makers who are struggling to make sense of the future, helping them to reframe uncertainty so they can think more deeply into the future and make decisions with conviction.

A former financial journalist and marketer, Graham has worked in some of the fastest-paced markets around the world, holding senior positions in commercial, consultancy and non-profit organisations. He has gained a reputation for being a trusted advisor as well as an innovator, introducing novel approaches to solving complex challenges in rapidly evolving environments. His research sits at the intersection of psychology and strategic foresight, exploring how minds can be adapted to think more clearly about the future and how we make long-term decisions.

He now works with decision-makers struggling to navigate rapid technological change and make confident 
decisions in ambiguous situations. In an ever-changing market landscape where it is difficult to design strategies to accommodate unpredictability in consumer behaviour, market trends, and economic shifts, Graham focuses on shifting mindsets from threat to opportunity.

His approach particularly appeals to those leading their organisations through change, including mergers, acquisitions and internal restructuring, where cultivating a future-ready work force and building resilient organisational cultures are a priority. Graham's ability to help decision-makers think deeply into the future helps them craft long-term strategies and innovate even when the future is unclear.

Those who work with Graham benefit from the latest research and learn the tools and techniques futurists use to get ahead of the future. He helps them generate compelling and bold visions of the future that translate into robust and resilient plans.

The focus always remains on the bottom line of effectiveness and gaining a competitive advantage.



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