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I work with people who are ready to craft a completely new future for themselves. That means being able to let go of a lot of things that may have seemed important and being open-minded to surprising truths about yourself.  

Many of the people I work with want to be better leaders – of teams, communities and, primarily, themselves. They are used to success, and working hard to achieve it. 

They like being in control and are used to having options. They thrive on responsibility. They hold strong opinions, yet retain a flexibility of thought and open-mindedness. When I shine a light on their dark side, they don’t flinch. 

Foresight Coaching can be applied to many situations in work and life. Here are some typical scenarios of people I work with:

  • You’re a high achiever in a high-pressure environment, but your career’s ground to a halt. You used to be spoilt for choice, now you’re struggling just to keep what you’ve got, or may have already lost it. The result is fear and muddy thinking. 

  • You’re an entrepreneur, passionate about your business but failing to realise your aspirations for it. You know what you’re doing isn’t working, but whatever tinkering you try doesn’t seem to make a difference. The result is a lack of focus and confidence. 

  • You’re in the wrong job and don’t want to admit it. You struggle to achieve satisfaction because you’re chasing someone else’s dreams. The result is poor motivation and productivity. 

You won’t fit any of these exactly. But what they all have in common is a burning desire to change, without a clear idea of what it is they want to become. Foresight Coaching gets you unstuck, generates options and helps you advance through the uncertainty.  

I don’t care about your preferred gender pronoun or background. As long as you are committed to recreating yourself, then I can work with you.  

If you’re looking for incremental change, I’m not the coach for you. 

You may not like me. I can accept that. And it’s best we figure out if we can actually work together through a call. 

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